Answers from Heaven

The Answers from Heaven Bible Study series is designed to lead students into a clear and powerful understanding of the Christian Scriptures. It serves as a guide for evangelists who wish to provide a structured learning experience for those with whom they speak, formatted as sets of questions, followed by Bible verses and a few explanatory notes. This approach will give both teachers and students experience in using the Bible's many passages in their proper context in order to answer life's most important questions.

Answers from Heaven is divided into two main categories: Basic and Advanced.

The Basic category is designed for students who have a relatively limited amount of contact with the Bible. They may know some things about what it says, and have heard a few sermons, but they may have many questions about its overall message, and uncertainty with regard to how to apply this message to their lives.

The Advanced category is designed for students who have had significantly more contact with the Bible. They may be experienced Bible students, or members of various Churches, who wish to have a clearer picture of the will of God for both their lives and the world.

Both categories are divided into five sections, each containing a set of questions, as listed below:

1 - Worship ( Basic | Advanced )

The questions in this section are designed to reveal who God is, who we are, and what He desires for human beings. In the Advanced category, it provides a more detailed examination of various aspects of His character.

2 - Goals ( Basic | Advanced )

The questions in this section look at such topics as faith and works, those things that the Bible instructs faithful Christians to do in response to the God we worship. It also clearly defines the term "sin," which is a major theme of the third section that follows. The Advanced category draws connections between the Old Testament (which most people think of as being heavily focused on rules) and the New Testament (which most people think of as being more heavily focused on grace).

3 - Victory ( Basic | Advanced )

This section contains questions that are designed to look at our motivation for seeking the goals of the previous section. It continues the examination of the concept of sin, and shows us what the Bible says about overcoming temptation. The Advanced category looks at some of the more popular Christian teachings about victory over sin, and analyzes them from the perspective of Scriptural statements.

4 - Authority ( Basic | Advanced )

This section's questions discuss the roles of the kinds of individuals listed in the Bible, such as pastors, apostles, teachers, prophets, and evangelists. It examines their responsibilities as outlined in the Scriptures, both with regard to the Church as a whole, and to its individual members. The work that these individuals do in order to assist believers in meeting their spiritual goals is also revealed here. The Advanced category goes into further details about the role of Church officials. It explores the connection between modern roles and those that have existed from the days of Moses as well as the part they play in the community of believers.

5 - Commitment ( Basic | Advanced )

The questions in this section look at the life that is lived in harmony with the Bible's principles. They look at daily, weekly, monthly and yearly blessings that come from following God's instructions to us, and the importance of fellowship with other believers. Issues such as baptism and Church membership are examined here as well. The Advanced category examines Church membership as a form of "Covenant," a powerful connection between God and mankind, and one that is vital for effectively fulfilling the refinement of our faith.

The Answers from Heaven Bible study, due to its close reliance upon direct Bible verses, embraces the Gospel message as it is taught by the Creation 7th Day & Adventist Church. As such, it seeks to prepare a people to meet the soon return of Jesus Christ, also known as Yahshua the Messiah, with confidence and joy.

In a generation that loves darkness rather than light, and experiences open sin as commonplace, the questions listed in this study, and their provided Biblical answers, facilitate the development and fellowship of a group of people that the Bible calls "the hundred and forty and four thousand," (Revelation 14:3) who are described as following the Lamb (a symbolic description of the Savior) wherever He goes. The principles emphasized are those that are represented in the Book of Revelation by a message called "The Everlasting Gospel," which is borne by three designated angels.

The first angel, introduced in Revelation 14, verses 6 and 7, has a message of worship, judgment and victory, matters that are covered in the first three sections of this series.

The second angel, described in Revelation 14, verse 8, announces the "fall of Babylon," which indicates an end of confusion and chaos. The fourth section of Answers from Heaven, which discusses authority, shows how - as a contrast to what the Bible calls "Babylon" - order, purity of belief, proper communication, and fellowship are essential parts of the Christian faith.

The third angel, quoted in Revelation 14, verses 9 to 11, provides a grave warning to the world about the spiritual forces that wish to enslave and destroy mankind. It explains the importance of avoiding a "mark" that can only be overcome through one's association with Christ and His various blessings. The fifth section, that deals with commitment, discusses this by examining the long-term Christian experience, beginning with Baptism and Church membership, and continuing on into sanctification and true Christian growth.